Increase the font size in ProtonMail

You can increase the font size in ProtonMail by adding this custom CSS. Just remeber to edit the number values with your desired sizes.

h1 {

h2 {

h3 {

h4 {

h5 {

h5,h6 {

h6 {

Hide only the email icon in DIVI

If you are using DIVI and only need a number displayed. You may notice an email icon appear even though there is no email added.

Enter this CSS code to custom CSS to remove it:

#et-info-phone { display:none !important }

Remove the think line below DIVI header

The thin line below the DIVI header is actually a shadow. To remove the line, add the below to your custom CSS:, #main-header{
    -webkit-box-shadow:none !important;
    -moz-box-shadow:none !important;
    box-shadow:none !important;

How to fix the overlapping logo on mobile with DIVI

If you are using the DIVI theme with a square shaped logo instead of the standard landscape size. You might find a few overlap issues.

Try to add this css code to Divi - Theme Options - General - Custom Css and change the highlighted value:

@media only screen and (max-width: 980px){
#logo {
min-height: 80px;

Make DIVI Blog Category pages have 2 columns by default

Add this custom CSS code to your DIVI Custom CSS box and you will have blog posts split into 2 columns.

.archive .et_pb_post {
float: left;
width: 45%;
margin-right: 5%;
.archive .et_pb_post:nth-child(2n+1) {