Custom image in DIVI header

To add a custom image to the header on DIVI please go to divi -> theme options -> custom css and add this code :

background-image:url("YOUR URL GOES HERE") !important;

Center DIVI Footer Menu Links

Login to WordPress admin and add this css code to Divi > Theme Options > General Panel > Custom Css:

.bottom-nav {
text-align: center;





Hide top header on specific DIVI page

Login to WordPress admin then go to Divi > theme options > custom css.
.page-id-1518 header#main-header {
display: none;

.page-id-1518 #page-container {
padding-top: 0px !important;
margin-top: -1px !important;

If you are unsure of the post ID then you can check this video on how to find it